Caleb Williams Is Already Hard At Work This Offseason

| May 1st, 2024

This quote from a 670 The Score interview with Will Hewlett struck me yesterday — seems as if the Bears used the assurance that came from the #1 overall pick to give Chicago’s signal-caller a head start compared to most rookies.

Given that he’ll need to be a leader in offensive meetings as soon as possible, I love hearing that the Bears are doing everything they can to help him hit the ground running. That extra time with the offense’s basics should make initial installs that much more effective.

Also, early reports from Bears’ throwing sessions are that Caleb Williams is throwing with anticipation during early work with his receivers. DJ Moore expands below:

I love hearing that. If Caleb is already at work mentally preparing for a world of tighter windows, he’s on the right track to be ready for NFL defenses in a few short months.

He’s got plenty of road ahead of him, one comment in late April doesn’t signal much. But with the receiving corps that Ryan Poles has assembled, Caleb Williams may not have to be more than a capable ‘point guard’ to succeed early in his rookie season.

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